Did you know that in the 1600's a single tulip bulb was worth 10 times a skilled worker's annual income?  While they may not generate quite the same level of mania these days, the sight of masses of flowering bulbs popping up in winter and spring will truly lift the spirits when the weather is cold.  


Cymbidium Orchids

Described by Confucius as "The king of fragrant flowers", the cymbidium orchid can brighten any home with magnificent flower spikes that last for months. Easy to care for and a joy to grow, these perennial plants could be the start of a new addiction!


Possum proofing your garden

In leafy green suburbs like ours, possums have no shortage of food.  Renowned for their love of feasting on the blossoms of trees and shrubs, they can drive gardeners to distraction.  We have a few tips for what you can do to avoid losing your plants.


Phalaenopsis orchids

Commonly known as the 'Moth Orchid' these plants are now the world's most popular potted orchid. Perhaps no other orchid is better suited to growing in the home with long lasting sprays of blooms.



Our bestselling fruit tree!  Everyone wants a beautiful and fruitful citrus tree in their backyard.  With so many varieties, including dwarf varieties for compact backyards, this guide should help you choose the perfect citrus and keep it healthy.


Rose Pruning

Your roses have rewarded you with masses of flowers, then winter comes along and things slow down.  Time to pull out the secateurs! Pruning roses stimulates new growth and lots of beautiful blooms come springtime.  


Gorgeous gardenias

Gardenias are a must-have addition to a fragrant garden.   With their pure white flowers and glossy green leaves, gardenias will bring timeless elegance to your garden and fill your summer days and evenings with sweet perfume.



The perfect plant for cold weather.  It's actually really tough, and loves to be outside in winter.  This flowering perennial makes a beautiful gift, but don't leave it inside for too long.  As your Nan may have said back in the day - put it out with the cat at night.



In the cooler months, camellias come into their own.  They brighten gardens with their large blooms, turning winter gardens into a wonderland of colour, and transforming the ground below it into a magic carpet of flowers!


Caring for your roses

Roses are tough and hardy, but need care through the year if you want to see them at their absolute best.  Here's an annual maintenance schedule that will help you know what to do, and when to do it.