Winter Citrus


There is a lot of sentimental attachment to the humble citrus tree – particularly lemons.  Many of us have a gnarly, ancient, lemon-laden tree filed away in our precious childhood memories – maybe from our grandparent’s backyard where we climbed up ladders to pick the fruit for a batch of lemonade or lemon butter. We’d burst inside with our armfuls of fruit, covered in scratch marks but full of achievement!
So the humble lemon tree stands somewhat like a totem in our backyards now – reminding us of the past and providing us with it’s fruitful bounty year after year.  An abundant year can be a truly joyful experience.
Backyards are a bit smaller now than what our grandparents had, but modern citrus trees are smaller and perfect for inner city gardens.  Thanks to grafting, you can have a productive lemon tree that grows to the compact height of around 2.5m tall (some people are taller than that)! 

Or if you have a sunny wall, a lemon tree can be grown flat (espaliered) against the wall.  That may sound complicated or high maintenance but it’s not. It’s easy to achieve and is a great space saving solution.
A bit of care is required for citrus.  They need a sunny spot, some pruning, and a watchful eye for scale, citrus leaf miner and citrus gall wasp.  They need to be well watered - water out to the edge of the canopy to ensure all the roots get a good drink.  For lovely, juicy fruits they need to be well fed. So freshen up your soil with compost and organic fertilisers.
If you do these things you will be rewarded with future happy days full of lemonade and lemon butter!

Choose the citrus that is right for you