Cymbidium orchids


When a flower has earned the praise of Chinese philosopher Confucius as “king of the fragrant flowers’ then it really must be special.

For us, the arrival of the cymbidiums symbolises the change of seasons. Winter is coming, days are cooling down, and we tend to focus on our indoor surroundings more.

Cymbidium orchids are really the perfect mood enhancer. They come in such beautiful rich colours, and flower for such a long time. Some of our customers have told us tales of cymbidiums they have owned for decades, and passed down through their family. Talk about longevity!

For tips on how to care for your cymbidium orchid, read our fact sheet, or come in and speak to our team.

Camellias to brighten a winter day


Do you enjoy a steaming hot cup of tea on a cold wintery day? It comes to you with thanks to the humble Camellia sinensis, just one of the many species of Camellia. Just like your cup of camellia tea warms your body, the camellia flower brings warmth to your garden, brightening up dark corners when there's not a lot of things flowering.

This winter beauty flowers all through winter into spring, and is an incredibly hardy, low maintenance plant. If you have a shaded spot in your garden and you want to add some colour, a camellia is a perfect choice.

Winter Citrus

Winter Citrus

There is a lot of sentimental attachment to the humble citrus tree – particularly lemons.  Many of us have a gnarly, ancient, lemon-laden tree filed away in our precious childhood memories – maybe from our grandparent’s backyard where we climbed up ladders to pick the fruit for a batch of lemonade or lemon butter. We’d burst inside with our armfuls of fruit, covered in scratch marks but full of achievement!

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