June, 2016


Bullata produces a large above ground tuber than can expand to 20cm across.

Stunning bright green bubbly leaves on short stems, with dense white 'fur' underneath the new growth.

Bright orange/red flowers appear on the foliage, and will flower continuously for most of the year.

Hardy plant that does well in most climates, but keep out of direct sunlight. Outdoor shade, or well lit spot indoors is perfect.

Although they can survive long periods without water, they do best with a regular water and feed all year.


June, 2016

Cyclamen galore!


May, 2016

For a spectacular Winter indoor display, try these new season Cymbidium orchids.
Dress them up in your favourite pot at home, or choose one from our extensive range in store.


March, 2016

Canna Lilies

Blaze though Autumn with a stunning palette of yellow, coral and red canna lilies.

Were $24.95, now $15.95 for a 20cm pot


February, 2016



February, 2016


National flower of Zimbabwe.

Tender, tuberous rooted deciduous perennial.

Climbs with the aid of tendrils on the ends of it's leaves.

Showy flowers with distinctive, reflexed petals.

In flower and in store now. 


January, 2016

January is usually too hot to do anything strenuous in the garden.

However, special attention should be paid to watering and mulching at this time.

Feed your roses across summer to encourage another flush of flowers in Autumn.

Apply liquid fertiliser to summer vegetables every fortnight to ensure bountiful crops across Summer.

Treat roses for aphids, black spot and other fungus over the warmer months.
Treat citrus for scale and citrus leafminer.
Treat scale and aphid infestations on other plants that may be attracting hordes of ants .

And treat yourself to a pair of virtually indestructible FELCO secateurs...

November, 2015

Be smart this silly season! Christmas ideas and gifts galore, in store...


September, 2015


For an indoor or sheltered outdoor position, try this rosette forming fern. Beautiful lime green foliage with rippled edges.

Each frond can get to 1m in length, but will remain compact in relation to pot size. Uses very little water compared to other ferns, and is cold tolerant.


September, 2015


Australian bred, and selected for its showy pink flower heads. Flowers late Winter, through Spring and into Summer.

Compact form with aromatic foliage. Tolerates low water once established.


September, 2015


Fast growing evergreen shrub, with attractive foliage and sweetly perfumed flowers.

Full sun to part shade, in pots or well drained soils.Variety of colours, including yellows, rust, oranges and burgundy.


August 2015


Australian native evergreen shrub with aromatic foliage and beautiful fragrant bell-like flowers late Winter to early Spring. Brown and yellow forms available now.


July 2015


Evergreen shrub, to 3m in Melbourne gardens. Flowers late Autumn to Winter, with abundant panicles of exceptionally fragrant pale pink flowers. Morning sun position best, with protection from late Summer afternoon sun. Thrives in a soil with plenty of organic material. Responds well to a light prune.


July 2015


Flowering later than the sasanqua varieties, the Camellia japonicas are now in full bloom. Large flowers, of semi double or formal blooms, in a range of colors. Upright, sturdy growth habit, preferring afternoon protection from the hot Summer sun. A slightly acidic soil required for optimum growth. Fertilise after flowering.

Some of our favorites below:

Camellia japonica 'Betty Ridley'

Camellia japonica 'Brushfield's Yellow

Camellia japonica 'Desire'

Camellia japonica 'Grand Marshall'

July 2015


Vigorous, evergreen climber. Full sun to part shade position, in a free draining soil. Masses of rich violet pea-like flowers in Winter. Ideal for covering fences and wall. Other colors include a pale pink, and a creamy white.


July 2015

Spring is just around the corner, and we have a great selection of flowering bulbs and perennials in flower now. Potted Hyacinth for colour and fragrance indoors, miniature Daffodils for a splash of yellow, and Lewisia colours from cerise to pink to apricot. 


April 2015

Camellias now in stock. Wide range of the Sasanqua variety in flower, in shades of white, cream, pale pink and cerise.

April 2015

Rhododendrons budding now for a grand Winter display.


March 2015

Welcome the cooler evenings with these functional Cast Iron Fire Pit Wok with Trivet Stand.

2 sizes available:

Wok - D75 x H20cm + Cube - H35 x W35cm

Wok - D100 x H25cm + Cube - H50 x W50cm


March 2015


An extraordinary Summer / Autumn flowering tree, in an amazing range of shapes and colours.

Not sure which one is for you? Check out the full range at Flemings

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March 2015

Sedum ‘Autumn Joy’

This sun-loving, clump forming perennial plant bears large, crimson-pink, nectar rich, butterfly attracting flowers in autumn.   With it’s large waxy leaves on thick stems this water-wise plant is perfect for mixed borders, cottage gardens and pots reaching a height of 60cm.

They also look fantastic planted into rustic containers, such as the old Dip Tins.


February 2015


Geranium sp.

Long flowering, drought tolerant and perfect in pots, hanging baskets or mass planted, Geraniums will brighten up any sunny garden or courtyard with their large red, pink or white semi double flowers sitting above rich green foliage.


February 2015


Lobukaria maritima

With masses of sweetly scented white, pink or mauve flowers and mounding habit with trailing stems this is the perfect edging plant for beds, borders, pots and hanging baskets in full sun or semi shade.


February 2015


Happy, hardy and sun loving, Vincas are long flowering annuals that lift any landscape with their bright green foliage and lovely white, pink, red or apricot flowers during summer and autumn.


February 2015


Viola hederacae

This small native violet is a wonderful ground cover in moist, semi-shaded positions. Growing to a height of 20cm the delicate, mauve and white flowers continue throughout the year. 


February 2015


Bouvardia humboldtii

With exquisitely scented white flowers during spring and summer, Bouvardia humboldtii is a perfect plant in a large pot or in a warm, sheltered position in the garden. 


February 2015


Mandevilla (syn Dipladenia) sp.

This delightful evergreen, low climber with large pink, white or red trumpet shaped flowers throughout spring and summer and beautiful glossy foliage will enhance any garden whether in full sun or dappled shade.


February 2015


Delphinium sp.

Tall, stately spikes of large, semi-double flowers in mixed shades of blue, white, pink and lilac are perfect as the backdrop to your perennial border and cottage garden and provide gorgeous cut flowers.  Ideal in a sunny to semi-shaded position in well drained soil.


January 2015


Pennisetem rubrum

A graceful, clumping perennial with showy, arching , purple foliage with feathery pinkish flower plumes from spring through to autumn.  This wind tolerant plant is perfect for sunny, well drained sites. 


January 2015


Rudbeckia fulgida speciosa

Wonderful, long flowering perennial plants with upright clumps of hairy green pointed foliage and tall spikes of golden flowers with black cone centres during summer and autumn.  Rudebeckia’s are hardy in a sunny position.


January 2015


Gaura lindheimeri

Fabulous, easy care and hardy, Gaura’s are a long flowering, attractive plant with an open habit for a sunny position.   Flowers range in colour from white through to the  deep pinks and are great bee and butterfly attractors.


January 2015

HOLLY HOCK “Summer Carnival’

Add some drama to your garden with these tall, graceful spikes of double ruffled flowers in shades of yellow, pink, red and white.  Ideal as a background to your borders and cottage gardens in full sun.


January 2015


This compact, rounded and multi-stemmed deciduous tree is an old favourite with four season interest.  Flowering during summer and autumn the bright pinkish red flower panicles contrast with the dark green foliage which turns reddish-maroon in autumn before dropping leaving just the beautiful cinnamon coloured exfoliating bark during the colder months.



January 2015

Aeonium 'Velour' - A stunning merlot and lime green accented succulent. Great for structural plantings in pots, or for adding evergreen interest in herbaceous plantings.


January 2015

Covered in fruit, these Chilli varieties offer an interesting focal point as a substitute for potted colour, or an opportunity to challenge your taste buds!