We love our boutique nursery and the way it changes with the seasons.  We are the caretakers of our plants while we have them, then we pass them on to our customers to take them to their forever homes! Our thoughtfully curated range of stock includes something for everyone.  For traditional gardeners we have the plants so iconic to many Malvern gardens - things like gardenias, box hedge and topiary, roses, magnolias, lavenders, deciduous canopy trees.  For downsizers we sell a range of plants that can live happily potted for courtyards or balconies.  Urban agriculture is spreading to our area and we cater to those with a love of growing their own food with a huge selection of edibles.

Our staff are all horticulturally trained, and have a passion for it.  We live and breathe it.  We love to share our knowledge with our customers.  We are pleased to be able to offer professional advice on a wide range of gardening topics including plant health, watering, feeding and pruning.

Additional services include garden consultations e.g. to design a planting plan for a balcony or small courtyard, assist with establishing a vegetable garden, or to advise on plant health. For larger projects such as establishing a new garden or renewing an existing one, we offer a full garden design and soft landscaping service.