Sometimes you need help with your vision for your garden. You might have recently bought a new house and you want to renovate the garden, or you have decided you would like a complete overhaul. If that is the case for you, then perhaps a professional garden consultation would be useful.

We offer a professional garden consultation and design service for our customers, as well as a specialized garden maintenance service.

Initial Consultation - $95

Our fully qualified consultant will meet with you on-site to assess and discuss what you would like to achieve from you garden. This may include:

  • Your garden style preferences eg. native, cottage, low maintenance
  • Plant choice
  • Landscaping ideas and requirements
  • Health check of existing plants

We will discuss all of this with you and assess the size of the project. If the consultation is for a plant health check or small design projects such as pots, balconies or small courtyards, solutions and suggestions may be provided on the spot.

We can provide you with a written report for works discussed and arrange a meeting in the nursery to discuss plant selection etc.

If a garden plan is required after the initial consultation, the consultant will quote for undertaking the garden design service.

Garden Design & Drafting Service - $75 per hour

The consultant will draw a detailed garden plan to scale, incorporating your preferences for garden style, plants etc. Usually we will then meet you at the nursery to review the recommended design and plant choices.

Once the plan has been approved we will provide a quote for all design elements (such as plants, pots and garden features) as well as implementation.

It is recommended that our professional staff implement the new design, which will include:

  • soil preparation
  • positioning elements sourced by Town and Country Gardens
  • planting
  • mulching new garden beds and pots (such fee included in the quote)

A complimentary follow-up visit will be arranged approximately six weeks after implementing the new design to assess the condition of the new plantings and to advise on ongoing maintenance. This complimentary visit is valued at $75.

Alternatively, should you wish to implement the new design yourself, we can assist with project management.

Although Town and Country Gardens are primarily plant experts, our design consultant may be able to help you source advice on hard landscaping such as paving and garden retaining walls.

Garden Maintenance and Planting - $65 per hour (or part thereof)

Our experienced and qualified horticulturalist will visit your home to undertake planting or garden maintenance tasks including:

  • repotting or planting new plants
  • specialist pruning or hedging
  • fertilizing and mulching
  • pest and disease control
  • vertical garden maintenance
  • garden / plant 'health' check

If you wish to make use of this valuable and inexpensive consultation and design service, please contact us to make an appointment with one of our consultants.

Please note: Planting plans, designs and plant lists remain the property of Town and Country Gardens. You are welcome to view the full plan and plant list at the nursery whenever you wish. All Town and Country Gardens staff are appropriately insured. All work and products supplied come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.